There are three of us:

George Miller takes stuff apart, and it doesn’t matter the size, he brings in his crew and …where did it go?   John Stewart then comes in and with George’s help, puts it together and makes it look perfect.  Richard Krouch, well, he just watches and makes suggestions some times.  The three of us are dedicated to figure out the process for taking an idea from the bar stool, where many great ideas come from, to the boardroom.

We have created a step-by-step process we call The Invention Process or TIP to get an idea “From the Bar to the Boardroom”SM.  The process is easy to follow, but the steps are sometimes time consuming.  It is relatively easy to get a product to market, once the steps are clearly defined.  Time and commitment are the keys, it takes many hours to complete the process and once started needs to be completed to be successful.

Good luck, and remember to visit us and ask questions along your journey, we are here to help!