Wall Mounted Outdoor Ashtray

image of wall mounted ashtray


  • There are always cigarette butts on the ground.
  • People keep stealing whatever ashtray is placed out in front of the office.
  • If it is not stolen, they throw garbage in it. We actually had someone throw their dog poop in our ashtray.
  • All current products are way too expensive.


Create an ashtray that will be harder to steal, that people cannot use as a garbage can and at a reasonable price point.

Our Ashtray System:

  1. The top part of the ashtray gets fastened to the wall or pole.
  2. A metal insert that is fire proof and can be lifted to allow access to the bottom piece, actual ashtray.
  3. The bottom or actual ashtray part of the system can be removed and emptied.
  4. Can be painted any color.


plus $10 S&H

Patent Pending

image of a green wall mounted ashtray8